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Location: Pax NAS Goose Creek
Bait: Cut Bunker, Bloodworms, Spot
Fish Caught: Bluefish, tons of them everywhere, White Pearch some big Fat Ones, and One Red Drum 22.5".

I got to goose Creek early to try and maybe get some keeper Stripers, heard they were there from a buddy. Well they were but wouldnt bite a darn thing, they were at least follow lures. Blues Started Biteing and I was tossing back small ones. Then about 10am everything shut down. No fish biteing. So the kids got bored and started playing cards. Had a few nice bites while the kids were playing cards and I was tossing lures, but nothing came about from it. Then the bite started picking up again around 1500-1600 with blues every half hour or so. Then I offically met AtlantaKing, offered him a spot near me to fish. I dont know what time everything jumped off but down the beach the blues started killing the baitfish looked like the bay got rappids, sent me son down to toss some metal, he came back with 2 fish. He followed the fish as they came back down the shore, I was trying to watch as best as I could dont know how many lines he crossed but when I got the pole back there were huge knots around the lure. The lines from my poles that were casted out got bit through as the swarm of bluefish came by, but managed to catch the lines while throwing lures so nothing lost. Then the bites slowed down so was able to get retied and cast back out. Blues were still biteing steady. the kids watched the big poles and I went to try and catch some spot to live line for Stripers. Tossed some BW on a T&B rig under the bridge and boom landed a big white pearch, so went and got a small cooler and startd tossing them in. Ran out of BloodWorms and no darn spot. Was going to try squid, but by the time I got back with my squid, I had 3 other people there fishing so I went back to my truck. My daughter caught a big blue and she told me the whole story. By this time the sun was down and one of my poles gets a big hit. Pick it up and set the hook and it feels like a nice fish, then all of a sudden it starts fighting even more. I pull up a Big puppy Drum and a nice bluefish. Measure the Drum and it was at 22.5" and the blue fish was only 3 inches shorter. The Kids Started Napping and I was waiting For the Stripers to come in but they never Did. But the Blue Fish were all over the Place.

Next weekend Its off to NC to fish with my brother down there. I havent fished with my Brother in to many years, so I am hoping to get some woppers so you all in MD and NVA will have to wait a few weeks to hear from me.
Till then
Tight Lines,
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