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Patuxent River Fishing

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Hey has any of you guys fished on the Patuxent before. If so where?
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Which part are you asking? I have fished at the pax NAS last year and did well on croaker and blues. Also some small pups and schoolie rocks. I used to live in beltsville md last year and have fished the little, middle, and regular patuxent often. Caught a lot of largemouth bass and catfish. Actually saw a striper caught on chicken liver. Was the hybrid kind. (freshwater striper) Good fishin the patuxent is :D
You can fish on the base no problem. But the outdoor rec center sells permits that cost 5$ a year. I would recommend getting one if you go there. They are open during normal duty hours and a few hours on sat. I mean you could always say you didn't know you needed a permit and get away with it like I did the 1 time I got checked. But they definitely check for license though.
I haven't eaten the bass and cats out of there. I mostly C&R largemouth bass. I have eaten the trout out of there though. No problems. Trust me the Pax is 1 million times cleaner than the potomac. I wouldn't worry at all. I believe they have two dams on it also :confused: But I do know when they open them up it sends a lot of the big fish down your way. I am not sure how far down past you it turns brackish but you should be able to catch any type of freshwater fish and possibly salt water.
Yup sure can! They have a baitshop two mins down the road with everything you need. Oh yeah on base they have a citgo gas station that sells bait too. When axon and I used to go down there last year we would make it a weekend trip and do some camping there. I would fish all night, catch a couple zzz's and do some crabbing during the day. Can't beat it! Oh and for a retiring guy like yourself they have a nice golf course there too.

p.s they also have trophy bass ponds on the base too! Great setup they have there!
Hey I am still active and I like to golf. Of course don't get any time to but still ;) Trigger hit it right on with the directions. When you get in base take your first right at light and you will see the gas station there on your right. Follow that road till stop sign and take left. About a mile and 1/2 up the road you will see a burger king(or is it mcdonalds) on right. Turn there and you will see an old hanger that they turned into a gym. In there you can buy permit. Turn right back on main road and follow all the way around post and you will see pier on left hand side. The pier isn't the greatest place to fish but not bad. Last time I went met an old salty seaman been retired for 20 years and he said he used to catch huge croaker, drum and stripers off the pier but due to el nino and other factors the water has gotten shallower off the pier. I know for a fact it is like a huge sandbar at least 100 to 125yds out. If you can get it out past that you will be pulling them in left and right. Don't be surprised to see many of the people there with 14 or 15 ft rods slinging lead. Even though you know that they are long and heavy ;) If you plan on heading down there this summer I might try to hook up with ya for a weekend and show you some of my secret spots axon and I found. But I definitely recommend trying it if you've never gone.
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1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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