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Patuxent River Fishing

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Hey has any of you guys fished on the Patuxent before. If so where?
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NAS PAX is pretty cool. FL Fisherman was off a little ...you can buy a permit 24/7. If befor 1800hrs during week goto gym behind McDonalds if after go down the road a little bit(across from Subway) and goto the post staff duty officer (or what ever you squids call em), they will sell you the permit.

You can get campsites right on the waters edge(PAX river not the Bay). $5 a night and you can call and make reservations but you have to be there by 1800hrs. We used to rent but site #1 and #2, they are connected and then you have a lot of space all to yourself. FL Fishman will show you the ropes down their or you can wait till fall and I'll join you guys.
Bait is cheaper on post then off and there is a little bay the you can throw a cast nest and catch spot, perch and other bait fish.
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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