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Another week or so we'll post the final rules.
Here's one that needs some clarity. The fish:

"Several different fish should apply Stripers, Red Drum, Black Drum and Snook of course but really any exceptional catch should be allowed. " - Thanks Digger.

I like this rule and want to make sure everyone has a fair shot for the contest.

What do you all think of this rule? I need some feedback from you Sunshine State folks because the only time I've seen a snook was on Saturday morning TV with Roland Martin. I'm thinking the winning fish will be 42"-48" and either a red or a striper. Do you catch snook that get that big down in FLA? What about Kings? Are they still catching them in southern waters?

Also, someone thought that this is a monthly event. No, it's just a one time thing. Hopefully, if it goes well, Sandflea will let us keep it as the Annual P&S Fishing Tournament.
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