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Well finally git some video footage sorted but wasn't able to get a soundtrack that I liked to match to it after spending 4 hours listening to various ones that I have on file.

Conditions were a bit strange with a low barometer and variable wind that didn't always run down court as was hoped. We did however see a few PB's from both are overseas visitor Neil who did well with a borrowed XTR sport and his 6500. As well as improvements from Paul and Graham as well. Well done to the guys and look forward to seeing more in the future.

A special thanks also goes out to Julie ( Mark Johnson's wife ) who provided lunch for us, it was greatly appreciated from all of the guys.

Results were as follows.

Neil Angus 214.65 meters on the 150 gram and 213.75 :)PB on the 175 gram ( on .31mm)
Graham Johnson , 169.15 on the 100 , 181.78 :)PB on the 125, 174.55 on the 150 and 158.6 on the 175.
Paul Bayach at only his second comp using a borrowed ZTi hit a new Pb of 148.6 on the 125 gram :)
Murray Healy also back from a forced absence hit 120.46 on the 125 gram
Jeremy Schrader , 206.8 on the 100, 212.16 on the 125,227.8 on the 150 and 206.83 on the 175 gram.
Mark Johnson was in the wars worse than me decided to to record a distance.

Also Shawn Vines came down for a look and was happy seeing what could be achieved and will be back hopefully for the next round.

All in all a good day out with friend and look forward to doing it again soon.


Also well done to the NSW casters who cast in NSW on Sunday. - great results :mrgreen:

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Further information care of Scott Selby regarding the results of the NSW casters addiing to the overall postal comp.
Great effort from Scott , Fantastic casting from Ces ( 67 years young ) and well done to Gary on the new PB.

Strong wind, 3 casters - casting from 12:30 to 2:45

75 gram - Gary - 200 metres
100 gram - Ces Selby - 212 metres
125 gram- Scott Selby - 260 metres, Ces Selby - 227 metres, Gary 226 metres - Personal best
150 gram- Scott Selby - 258.80 metres

A fun day. Here is some video:

http://www.vimeo.com/4335226 - Ces Selby

http://www.vimeo.com/4335728 - Gary

http://www.vimeo.com/4335826 - Scott Selby

Overall, a fun couple of hours - not super impressed my my 260 considering the howling gale, but have only been trying Danny's style full on for a couple of weeks - hopefully it will improve.

As for the Vic guys - well done - good on you Neil for a pb and Graham - could teach Mr. Schrader a thing or two about sinker position Graham, good effort. Your timing and his strength would be nice.
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