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Owls Creek 6/24/03

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Fished 1:30 - 4:45 p.m.. One 16" croaker and a few half-hearted nibbles. When we arrived a fella was already there and had been since 8:30 this a.m.. His count was 2 croaker.

Appears that most of the trout have moved on. Maybe I'll hit sandbridge sooner that I thought this season.

keep em tight.....Kurt
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Where are some of the good places to fish at owls creek for a shore bound fisherman.

Park in the boat ramp lot, the cars only section. Walk around to the front of the woods a bit. Follow the path(s) to the water.

I don't suggest you try this at night until you've been there a few times during the day. Definitely DO NOT try and bring a pier cart. I uses a converted hand truck which works OK but, traversing the terrain can be a bit of a hassle. Good thing my son accompanies me :D .

Pretty much the same action and species as towards the inlet (rudee).

Hope this helps...
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