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Overnight Trip On The Bay

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Went out Saturday for an overnight trip on the Bay on the Bounty Hunter. Despite a few showers had a good night of bottom fishing. The boat, with 11 fishing, landed 127 croakers and 3 stripers. The trip was my wifes first trip on the bay and she landed 28 of the fish. She managed to make us guys look bad, as she landed the most. I managed to boat 14. The fillets are in the freezer and I am looking forward to some good fish dinners.
I highly recommend the Bounty Hunter. Have been out 5 times now and have never been skunked, and normally the boat has limited on stripers.
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The Bounty Hunter is a real nice boat. They have alot of opintions to offer from fishing to parties or just cruises on the Bay. Glad you all had a goodtime....Tightlines

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