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Omoto Chief reels are excellent for both fishing and distance casting. They are a better buy than any of Abu C3 Sweden reels. I've worked extensively with mods for both types of reels and the quality of the Chief reels is just lots better for the dollars paid.

I've already modified 3 Chief 6000c level wind reels and this thread will be a pictorial of what and how I make this reel into a much better distance thrower. There are four types of basic reel mods ...

The first is to just simply remove the level wind. In doing so, only a few parts will be removed and those parts can be replaced if need be. This will add casting distance and may be all you'll need to do for a fishing reel. There will be a pair of centrifugal brake blocks on the gear side of the reel for aid in casting. Load up the spool with line and yer good to go.

Second is to add a mono mag, which unlike centrifugal brake blocks can be instantly adjusted without having to remove the gear side of the reel to get to the brake blocks.

Third is more cosmetic; remove the level wind worm gear and its shield and replace it with an after market CT bar.

Fourth is for tuning - swap the stainless spool ball bearings for ABEC 5 hybrid ceramics, for a faster spinning spool.

There ARE other things that can be done to tune the reel but that's not something covered in this thread.

The completed Chief 6000c with all 4 mods, that has now become a Chief 6000ctm ...

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Stock Chief 6000c on the right, 1 and 2 mods (remove level wind, install mono mag) on the same reel type on the left ...

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Stay tuned for the complete mod pictorial.

If further interested, PM me to learn the source for the Omoto Chief 6000c reels at an excellent price point.

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At this point, the level wind has been removed. There is no pressing need for a CT bar to replace the worm gear bar, but if it's desired for aesthetic reasons it will be shown in the next post in this thread.

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I'll be installed a CT bar from Blakdog Tackle in the UK. Their CT bar is slightly longer than the frame of the Chief 6000c, so it needs to be filed. I did it a bit faster than hand filing by using a drill press.

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In the image below you can see that the level wind bar for the frame hole on the gear side needs to be slightly opened with a small round file.

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Next up is the mono mag install.

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Mono mag install time. Here I'm using a Rocket Reels mono mag, but most any mono mag will do and I've installed others like Zzeta and Qz the same as this one.

The mono mag "bolt nut" has a threaded body that's a hair under 8mm in diameter, and a 5/16" metal drill bit works fine. For Omoto Chief reels, if the outside nut collar of the mono mag butts up against the spool tension numbered ring, the placement will be perfect. I use that nut collar to find it's center and mark that with a pencil on a piece of paper tape.

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A small 3/32" or so pilot hole is drilled and then the 5/16" drill bit completes the job.

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A reamer cleans out the hole and opens it up a micro tad over 8mm diameter.

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That numbered spool tension ring must be removed to allow the mono mag collar nut to sit flush on the side plate.

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The inside nut bolt and outside collar bolt are screwed together tight.

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The mono mag knob is adjusted to just miss touching the spool and locked in place with its set screw. All done.

I did change the silver spool for a purple one since I have a more than a few of these reels and spool color identifies each one.

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... Omoto advised me that the Akios one piece cages were designed to fit the ABU reel seats used on ABU poles. I asked if design consideration was given to the US use of Fuji reel seats. The answer was no.

Yep, the low foot makes snugging up to a Fuji plate seat near impossible.

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I can personally attest that the Rocket Reel TG-F2 cage, with its low reel seat foot, is not an easy fit to a Fuji plate reel seat.
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