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Came down for the week with my girlfriend and her 5-year-old daughter, and we had a blast! Sort of... 30-knot winds that just would not stop, and we caught one...just one...catfish...8 inches long. :--| She had one decent hookup at night which threw the hook; it was a fun fight for a few seconds. But the little one had fun...It was her first time fishing, and I set her up with a Barbie fishing pole and a sabiki rig. She commenced to outfishing everyone with that 2-foot Barbie fishing pole for 200 feet up and down the pier! A bunch of mullet, but man, she had a blast, and we've created yet another fisherwoman! Plus, the mullet came in handy as bait for the non-biting fish, so we all won in that situation. Picture this... "What happened? Why did you cut the fishie? Fishie, are you OK?" But she took it all right.
We were going to try cheating with an offshore trip, but b/c of the rough seas that was cancelled, so we've got one more day on the pier of bait-catching and who knows what else.
Did see a couple of kings caught off the end, threw to a school of jacks that came though without any hookups, and we were on the beach in the afternoon when I saw the birds...one guy came running down with a light spinning rod and hooked into a school of ladyfish, which at least made for some fun as well. I'm not too optimistic about today, (the wind coupled with a restless 5-year-old makes it impossible to relax) but hey, she's having fun, and that's what it's all about sometimes.
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