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Ok I'm late, kinda lost track of this forum in the non-fishing season, but here is my hunting season results

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Fall turkey hunting has gotten almost impossible, stroke on a turkey call and this happens

the spawn of satan lost this round
so took my rifle the next saturday and watched from a distance, then a hen appeared in the valley below, thought I don't really want to shoot a hen, but held on her head at a distance of 336 yards

next came deer season, opening morning I find this guy cruising for does at 403 yards, the 6.5 Gibbs gave him a dirt nap, with 1.5 moa of up

the next morning the bucket list buck shows up at 40 yards, he scored 131 and dressed out at 180#

looked foreward to it all year and was over inn 2 days!
was still a good year
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Congrats.............especially on the coyotes. We do not have a fall turkey season. At times I had 30 or 40 around me, no joke.
So, were all these pictures from the same area or these traveling pictures?
Looks like quite a bit of meat you got there, and some nice hides to boot!
I tell people all the time, that these yotes are right around our houses, all over up and down the rivers here in NJ and they laugh and say yeah right!
There’s nothing more unnerving, than being out at night fishing on a river by yourself, and hear a pack of them getting closer, especially when they’re on the hunt and seriously rowled up!
Sounds like a mob of angry beast coming towards you!
I had a pack of 10 or 12 of them, scare the living shit out of me last year, when I dozed off in my vehicle, way way back in the middle of nowhere on a river!
I could hear them getting close, so I wanted to get my stuff and get out of there, and as soon as I stepped out of my truck and flashed my headlamp up towards my rods! There was literally two of them standing there, and I did not even know it, until I saw their evil ass eyes.
My ass jumped right back in the truck, so damn fast!
Suckers are smart, they come down the river line very quietly and stealthy, using anything they can to their advantage!
Finally, after the whole pack showed up and just going crazy, around the spot I was fishing!
I had to sit there for over an hour while they just did all kinds of goofy stuff, ripped up my bait rag, ate my blood worm and salted clams!
It seemed like they were marking all over and just nipping each other and howling uncontrollably.
It’s definitely something, I will never ever forget!
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they were all taken on the same piece of property, all within a quarter mile of each other, just an area I know well and like to hunt there, owned by my employer, part of his 5400 acres that I oversee.
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