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OK how did the Tank P&S get together go?

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It's Sunday at 7:12pm, were all waiting. I hope you all had a blast!...Tightlines
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1st time out on the tank

My cousin and I went out Saturday 8am to 3pm. We fished the cambridge side, about half way down. I must admit, tank is a great pier to fish on. Lots of room for beginners to practice casting. I was looking for some P&S guys/gals but could not recognize any. Was anyone there?

Here are the results:
10 croakers (1 horsey)
5 Spots
4 Perch
5 Rockfish (4 schoolies and 1 about 20 inches, I lost on the way up!! :mad: )

It was mucho fun there around 12pm when it seemed like the rocks were running. Had a double head of schoolie on bloodworms and the rest were caught on peelers. Thanks Triggerfish for the tip!
Everybody who wanted to go didn't go because of the fear of rain uncluing myself,went to work and decied to go on Sunday(check catmans post on Tank 6/28). TRIGGER

I'm glad you got to get out Sun. anyway. Heres the deal with the weather reports. When you play on or around the water you need to check the marine forcast. The local weatherman just dosn't cut it. Friday night was some of the best fishing weather I've seen all year. Heres a good marine weather link for the area most of us fish. It was right on for Friday night and they are corect 95% of the time. So get your lines wet, not yourself...Tightlines

Marine weather reports
Hat80 - Thanks,I went out on Sun.and did ok,something very large took my bottom rig and broke brand new 20# test,eather it was a lg.ray or turtle never got to see it.:mad:
Trigger...If you didn't see it, it was probably a 60lb. rock.:D

catman that's what I think it was,in the back of my mind I was thinking of two others besides the Rock,maybe it was a turtle or a big ray,but who knows, maybe next time I'll be ready for it.:p
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