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Arrived, (Late), around just after 8:30, (Model watching all night).. :beer:
Winds 10~15 ENE to SE then ENE, again... This Morning AND though-out much of the Day..
Waves & Chop was PERFECT FOR KINGING/PIN RIGGING, OR Drumming 3 to 4 swell with a few 5 & 6 footers tossed in..
Overcast, breaks of Sun, it was ACTUALLY NICE! around high 70's.. NO Rain just a few Sprinkles here & there..
No One has Bloodworms ANYWHERE, (except Island Tackle...) On Carolina Beach..
Be aware & check before you buy, some RANK Bags are being sold as fresh! :--|
Water Temps were & STILL in the 80~82 Range...
Water was Clean & KING GREEN..
SPOTS, POMPS, (not as Large as yesterday) Pomps were around 2 to 3 pounders...
At the start of High tide,, Finger Mullets, were running in force.... (11AM +....)
Smallish Mullets, (small whiting's were being caught also)
NUMERIOUS Puppies, (drums) were Prolific in the surf zone... A friend was catching them Like, well crazy, just under slot.. (16" or so)
When those Mullets started running... CHOPPER BLUES SHOWED UP Big guys up to 4~5 pounds...
I decided to Toss My King/Pin rig out today.... :D
No sooner than I put a huge Spot on my pin rig.........
I caught a SPOT on My bottom rig, fishing close to My kingin rig.. Like 15 feet close
Reeling in a BIG Spot, I saw it, coming to the top, (surface)...
Dern-it If a 15~20 pound KING grab the spot, rig & all...
Took off Like a shot, spooled Me in 10 seconds or less :p
higher than normal tides, because of the incoming....
We got Ran off the pier at 3pm,, Just as fishing was getting real hot.. (Island EVAC)..
Just really Farting around today, Gave the Pier owner about 2 dozen, in lieu of discounted pier tickets.. ;) ... here's what I have left..
Fish Fish Dish Fish products Food

hopefully will post another report AFTER thing's *CLAM* Down

Tight Lines all! :fishing:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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