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Lets talk about this one.


Now. I'll go ahead and say this and maybe it's arguable, but I doubt it.

No one has more experience in those shoals than I do in yak.

I fished those shoals almost 5 days a week in 2010. To the point where the USCG out of Hatteras Inlet would tell you that no one had more understanding of the first 3 miles of it, than I did that year.

I went into the shoals, through the shoals, and around those shoals. I could figure out how to fish each narrow cut and pulled fish from them like no other.

I also snapped 3 paddles that year saving myself from the shoals. They almost got me once or twice.

I flipped my yak in the shoals on more than one occasion.

I stopped wearing a PFD after one of those times. I flipped in a strong current and by the time I hit the water and turned for my boat the yak was already several feet from me and loosing ground fast. I was a couple miles off the beach and no one would have known I was down. I tried to swim for the boat, but I couldn't make ground fast enough against the current with the PFD on. So I unbuckled the PFD and swam for my yak. It was 10 times easier.

That was the last time I wore a normal PFD out there.

At best I'd wear a self rescue PFD now if I was by myself or during a guide.

There is always current out there no matter how pretty it is and the shoals on a normal day is like fishing class 6 rapids.

The shoals on the Eastern Shore is no comparison. The few that have fished both will stand beside that comment.

Should the two in the article have had PFDs on???? NO. Cause they should've never been there in the 1st place.

I've written articles about this a couple of times and I always say that most shouldn't even consider it.

Diamond Shoals will end your life in a yak.

I've pulled friends out of there on several occasions and even called water rescue for one.

I DO NOT panic under any circumstances when I am in the water. Panicking will end your life quickly. If it's my time then nothing I do can change that. But if it's not my time maintaining a level head will help to not push the issue. In Diamond Shoals most will sh!$ their pants if they get into trouble, because of how violent it is.

So you need not wear a PFD out there..cause you shouldn't be out there to begin with and especially if you are not with someone that has been out there before under numerous current and weather patterns. One can only read that water but so much--the rest has absolutely no rhyme or reason to it.

If you get caught in that white wash of 6-8 fters breaking on you in 5ft of water--you'll be in a world of hurt. Take it from someone that has been in that world of hurt on a few occassions.

Cape Point is where the Labrador and Gulf Stream currents meet and there is no predictability to that.
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