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Just for fun, check it out.........

posted on 17-Jul-2003 9:58:51 PM

Hey fishing folks! I'm just now getting the oppurtunity to get this report up for the Big Minnow's Wednesday, 'Tuna and Tunes', adventure. Arrived at Salt Pond's and met up with Capt. Paul and the fellas at 12 midnite on Wednesday morning. After clearing the CBBT we set a course for the 21 fathom Finger. It was an awesome evening with moonlight splashing on the gentle waves, and the warm salty air lingering like perfume on the night. While we glided ever closer to our target, visions of Tuna swam past our moon shadowed eyes. Suddenly, it was predawn and we made the preperations for the days fishing. The wind was light from the S, there was a mild 3' sea, which was 74* and clear, but blended blue/green. We were fishing near the 21 fathom Finger and the depth was 130ft. to 110ft.. Our 8 line spread consisted of 2 Islanders run wtfb, 1 in blue/white the other in red/black, the wwwtfb ran shotgun was another large Islander, the shorts were chuggers in green and blue/speckled, and the 3 staggered flats were mini jet heads in green/blue, blue/white, and red/black. So were trolling very briefly with no boats in sight and BINGO, citation Bluefish numero uno is in the boat. We figure, 'ZOIKES', and head out a little and speed up a touch to try and change the Choppers minds. Thing is though, where there are Bluefish you might also find a Tuna. Well, it isn't long, and now we're wading through citation Bluefish releases. We kept a few for the box and joked about harnessing one up for bait. Then, with the depth at 115ft. Zzzzz zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Fish on! This time it's surely not another Bluefish though as it peels line mercilessly from the reel, the rod bent and paying it's load full attention. The Bluefin we wanted was hooked up and as the fight proceeded to unfold, the Capt. hailed the few other boats working off to the E. This was a nice way to spend a morning. Smiles beeming, sun rising, and line sizzling! The fish came to the boat after about 15 mins. which was kind of a surprise, but we knew not to be fooled. When you see the leader you have to give it a shot though, and the fish sprang into action as it's impending doom was echoed down the fishing line from the touch of the human hand. This war between man and Tuna lasted for some time and we had the fish at the boat 4 times, until 45 mins. later, on his 5th visit to the boat, he let down his fins, layed over, and allowed me to stick him in the head. It was the biggest fish I'd gaffed to date and another angler plunged a gaff home to help ease the 115lb. Bluefin aboard. Blood flew about as the life swam out of the Tuna and back into the sea. After some time of bleeding we removed his tail to fit him in the box and iced him down. That made the whole trip worthwhile. We straightened up and deployed the spread again hoping lightning would strike twice, but it was not to be. We trolled until 10:30AM, and then the decision was made to point us toward shore and a pass by the CLT. The wind picked up and swung more SW as we got closer to shore. We saw some real pretty water, but not much life to speak of. We arrived to 8-12 boats fishing the Tower for Spades and so opted to scout out the nearby bouy/marker for any schools. We managed a few nibbles, a lonely Spadefish, and several very small jacks of some sort. Pretty cool looking little fellas. Tried the Spanish gig briefly to no avail off CH, and then headed for the fuel dock and some paperwork. Ended up with a citation for the Bluefin, and several more for Bluefish. We did our best to keep moving and get all the dirty work done, because now we were going to celebrate our victory and the Capt.'s b-day with some great tunes. After the boats back in shape and we're cleaned up, we swung over to the Harbor Center in P-Town and caught a Widespread Panic show. The solid music was a nice bonus to the real good folks and cold, cold beer. Got home late last night, slept like a rock until early this AM, and then was off to help move my folks. Gonna pass out as soon as I'm logged off. Everybody be good and go fishing.............
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