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Off shore fishing question

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Looking to purchase a boat once my son and all my money stop going to UVA. I have a fairly good idea of what I want and so forth but there is one question I need an answer to. Since I'm not looking for anything really large, roughly how far off shore would be fair guess that I would have to take a boat for a chance to come across dolphin in the VA. Beach area? I hear about charters getting into them usually on their way out or back in while targeting bigger fish, but I have no real gauge of how close they may come in. Thanks for your input!
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I'm thinking that if you can slide it into your budget, book a charter with the "smaller" boat that targets inshore dolphin specifically. Take notes on how the boat performs and how it holds the outriggers. A cooler full of dolphin is always a good thing and the guide fee could be priceless in education when selecting your own boat..
When I lived in Key West, my personal best dolphin was a 35 pound bull using a 14ft aluminum boat and flat-lining one rod. Location, Location, Location determines your boat and tackle.
Let us know how it goes for you.
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