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Hi everyone, been a long time lurker here, took a friend down to show him fishing the OBX in the Fall time. We didn't do too great, probably due to my lack of being able to see holes or structure on the beach, but we had a good time. The first day was windy, we stopped down at Oregon Inlet to hit the bars near the bridge, hoping for some pups. Didn't manage to pull anything out of the water, and waited till after the tide change over to head down to Buxton to check in. Fished that evening North of the Point and caught plenty of small blues to fry up for dinner, but no puppies. I saw one pulled in further up the beach all day..I must have been in the wrong areas. The next day, we decided to change it up and head down to Ocracoke. There was lots of bait in the water, and I managed to net a handful of finger mullet. Fished the tide change and a few hours after and caught my first black drum at around 4lbs. The next day we started out early on Avon beach where we started catching lots of skates and then this guy bowed my first conventional set up over.

At first I thought I had hooked into the drum I desired and had yet to see over the weekend, but it was not to be. We moved down to the inlet during slack tide and fished the outgoing, managing to hook into 4 similar sized doggies and numerous skates. Trout didn't feel like hitting any of the baits we were soaking and I didn't feel like throwing anything else at them. We fished that night close to the point mostly alone, and we started having break off after break off. I was cursing my leader knot tying ability, thinking that was to blame before we finally hooked into one that didn't bite us off but proceeded to nearly strip off all my buddies 300 yards of 20lb like it was nothing... Walked up and talked to a few other guys that were having the same results...instant break offs at hook up, and when they switched to steel leaders, the same strippage. I've never seen sharks in like that before! It was fun watching them leap out of the water after a hook up... But still, no drum. Called it quits around midnight since we never managed to land anything and realized our gear was much too small for anything biting that night. Last ditch effort on sunday morning, drove up and hit the beach around Avon Pier and managed to put my buddy onto his first drum, small at 17" but still a pup and not a shark! Overall, a good weekend and learning experience. Got lots of practice throwing a conventional and discovered I need to really get better at finding structure.


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