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Today was an odd trip as Capt Dave's charter was moved over to my boat due to engine issues. So I had a full boat and headed out to some calm waters. Weather man predicted 20 mph winds at around 1pm and since we started at noon I was sure some moving around was needed in order to stay on the fish. But it was almost 5pm before the winds came and the bite was steady with a cooler full of eaters coming in at regular pace. With about 5 eaters in the live well and many texts sent for receivers of some good eaten blue cats a decision was made to let them go. So about 20 plus eaters in we began to hunt for the big ones. Anchor pulled and my crew quickly acted and pulled the lines with only one lost line. We moved into 14 feet of water and set the anchor. And just like that three lines start screaming out. Two more eaters are landed and the bite dies as the wind builds to 20 mph from NW so we run north to the bridge and catch the leeway side and we catch four more eaters and then a bigger one gets landed.

Then the tide died and the wind came from the north and the boat spun around and lines got tangled but we got it all straighten out.
I had a really great crew today BTW.

Back at the ramp a very small boat got a big cat. They drove down from WV and scored big. Second time down after an engine failure the first time. What a monster..

Capt Mike
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