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Ocracoke Island

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Any recommendations for this place? It was in the top 10 beaches list. How's the beach and fishing there?
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north and south end ok for fishing, and lot of nudies to enjoy. A lot of drum were caught this year, in fact more there this spring than Hatteras.
Oh Great...that's it! Top 10 list...there goes yet another beach.

Remember Duck...Corolla...etc..."one of the best undiscovered beaches in the US" said the billboard, and now look at it!

Anyway...gets alot of attention because it gets alot of fish generally before the rest of banks. It's not the easiest place to get to though...you need to ferry.

Lots of cobes off the surf and inlets. Lots of good drum bites. Typically less fishing pressure, typically less pressure all the way around. Nice place...lots of pirate stuff, too. But coming from MD or VA, plenty of just as good spots on the way to it. You just have to wait a little longer for the seasons to come 'round.

Here's one...

Fish Tradewinds
Hey guys, I appreciate the info. I saw the top 10 listing on cnn.com. I'm looking for a family vacation spot. No nude beaches...

I guess is somewhere between OBX to Fripp Island, SC. Only if I can get a good deal on lodging...
jangwuah, I'll be near there the last week in June. I'll go check out those nudies for you and let you know if they are worth seeing. I'll tell my wife I'm going fishing. I'll use 8 and bait!
I just reserved a rental on Avon for September for two weeks. I'll probaly check out Hetteras and Ocracoke when I'm down there. I heard its a 40 minute ferry ride from hetteras. I also heard fishing is real good down there.

Hopefully, Ocracoke is not like South beach in Miami.

Let me know how you do.
Husky, is that 8&bait or 8 for bait?? :D
I was wondering if anyone was gonna get that... :eek:
Ocracoke and the rest of the Outer Banks are nothing like South Beach. Only fishermen and families have fun at the Outer Banks, not for the young people.
Oh Mackman!!!Gotta take an exception there. Can't begin to tell you the great times I had on the OBX as a "young person".FEESHN,SURFN,PARTY-N,RELAX-N,CONTEEMPLATTEN.Prolly lived 5 lifetimes down there and wouldn't trade the memories for nothin.And it continues to create memories.No ,it sure as h%$# ain't s.beach and who would want it to be.OBX is a young persons theme park AS WELL AS fishermen and families.Give me some advil for the aches and pains,load up the feeshn gear,strap on the boards for the young people,and this young person is headin on down,AGAIN. the R
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