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Ocean City MD, you're on my sh*t list

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Ever notice that when you hear a government official begin a sentence with "Out of an abundance of caution...." The next thing out of his/her pie hole will be something unbelievably stupid? Never fails. I want to know after they ban fishing and someone gets bit, what are they going to ban then?
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I think you are blaming the wrong people, the ones that screw it up for the rest of us that shark fish and try to do things the correct way are our fellow "fisherman" and i'll use that term lightly, you know, the guy with a crappy rod that he bought at a flea market for $5.00 and a crappy reel that the anti-reverse is broke so he has to hold the handle the whole time with 50lb. test line and the 16/0 hook with nothing more than a bucket and that doesn't realize when he reels in the shark he has to dehook it (but he didn't remember to bring anything) THAT GUY!!!. It seems everyone is looking for that little fame that comes with social media, if your going to fish for sharks don't set up your rods where everyone is swimming, I think this is just common sense! yes sharks are in the same water they swim in all time but I personally don't want to explain to a mob of people why my shark fishing was not the reason their kid got bit.
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there is only a few and we don't advertise it.
You guys must do it at night and/or the off season.
yup, this doesn't get fishing shut down. I've seen it done in NC and FL and I like to fish too much. And when they say blood bait I'm sure they are talking about cut bait like bunker or mullet but it seems vague.
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