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OBX Pier FIshing?

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Seems this year I've been seeing quite a few dolphin and tarpon being taken off the OBX piers. Is this normal or a bit unusual ?
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I was curious because I'm looking to retire sound side around KDH or Nags Head in a couple years and just doing a little homework. If dolphin, tarpon and small bills can be caught off a pier then I wouldn't need a lot of boat to do decent inshore/nearshore fishing. I see there are a few AR's near OI so there should be decent fishing there .. maybe even year round. Thanks for the info guys.
There are days going out of either Oregon Inlet or Hatteras Inlet that one will feel the need (in the pit of your stomach) for a bigger boat to come back with than the one he ventured out in.

For me anyway going out of an OBX inlet into the open sea in less of a boat than say a 20 foot Privateer Roamer (not their Bay boat) with flared bow, relatively high sides and a closed stern is not an option.

Squall can come up on you at any time and a big surf from distant storms can roll in even if it was flat glass calm when you left the dock that morning.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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