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OBX little bridge question

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how come 95% of people only fish one side of the little bridge? is the other side poor fishing? or people just too lazy to cross the street? just wondering.
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For many years we've been lucky enough to fish OBX a few times each year and Little Bridge is one of our more productive places. We were down a few days after Matthew and had a great week catching puppy drum and trout. While we were there people were fishing both sides of the bridge and on the rocks. It did seem that some people caught more fish than others but I saw fish caught from both sides of the bridge. We don't have set pattern. We pick a good looking spot to start then while fishing keep an eye on the opposite side. The people who fish there can be bad about crowding you if they see you catch a fish. Last trip I had a nice trout hooked deep. Before I could get the hook out there was 3 guys standing by me.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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