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Sounds like they are going to demolish and rebuild:

The Town of Oak Island sent a news release today, stating they understand how important the Oak Island Pier is to the community. Their first priority is safety, so they closed the Fishing Pier until further notice. The restaurant and tackle shop will remain open.

As Mayor Cin Brochure told us last week, they are actively looking for grants and any other possible funding the town can use to rebuild the pier.

The town says they have already started the CAMA application process for a new pier.

The town say the pier will not be open for the summer and fall seasons, but their goal is to have a new timber pier completed by the spring of 2018.

Most recent info I can find on the pier reconstruction.



FISCAL YEAR 2016 - 2017

BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Oak Island, North Carolina, in Council assembled, May 23, 2017, that the following Budget Ordinance Amendment be adopted for the purpose of transferring funds from Accommodations Fund Balance for the payment of Engineering Services incurred at this time in connection with the rebuilding of the Oak Island Pier a cost of $175,000. This Funds were originally budgeted in Reserve in Fund Balance and Reserve for Pier Repairs.

I. Accommodations Fund

Budget Budget As

Amendment Amended

A. Expenditures Authorized
Transfer to Rebuild Fund 45-745-9635 $ 175,000 $ 175,000
Reserve for Fund Balance 45-745-9700 $(130,000) $ 52,147
Reserve for Pier Repairs 45-745-9711 $ (45,000) $ 0

II Pier Rebuilding Fund

B. Revenue Authorized
Transfer from Accommodations 48-300-3700 $ 175,000 $ 175,000

C. Expenditures Authorized
Engineering Services 48-748-6100 $ 175,000 $ 175.000

Adopted this the 23rd day of May, 2017

Lisa P. Stites, Town Clerk
Cin Brochure, Mayor


I just read this part from your link. I sure hope it doesn't include "beach renourishment", too, or fishing is gone for 5 years or longer. I know they're talking about making a "sand dune", BUT that last term "long-term infusion of sand", worries me - Quoted below this.

"Sand money

Kelly also announced that FEMA has agreed to pay $5.2-million for emergency sand placement on the beach. Officials originally expected to spend $3.2-million on the work, which involves using trucks and bulldozers to build a dune about six feet tall along most of the strand.

Wayne’s Backhoe Service and subcontractors worked diligently for about three weeks in April, after the town secured environmental permits and easements. They placed sand in the areas of SE 58th Street and approximately 20 blocks to the west before having to stop for the beginning of sea turtle nesting season in May.

Work will resume sometime this winter. Kelly said FEMA had agreed to pay for sand that was lost between the post-storm survey and the time that placement actually started.

This winter, the town also hopes to piggyback with the Wilmington Harbor maintenance project to obtain sand dredged from the shipping channel. While Oak Island has not made a firm commitment, the town has tentatively offered to spend up to $3-million on the work, which would benefit the eastern end from around the pier to as far west as SE 54th Street.

Meanwhile, town officials and their financial consultants are continuing to study ways to use special assessments to help pay for a massive, long-term infusion of sand."

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Stupidity....the ocean is taking that first row of houses at some point.

I had seriously looked at some houses again after selling some other property. With the taxes proposed I can rent any time I like....and leave for far less. In my opinion its not worth it any more to own a house there. Plus the fishing has SUCKED...

I will just wait till the next economic burn down......tale a 100K off anything there then.....
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