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National Park Service News Release
CONTACT: 252-473-2111 ext. 148

NPS to Allow Videotaping of 8th
Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Meeting

Superintendent Mike Murray announces the decision to permit Dare County to
videotape the upcoming 8th meeting of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore
Negotiated Rulemaking Advisory Committee. The 2-day meeting is scheduled
to be held at Wright Brothers National Memorial on November 14-15, 2008.
The videotaping will be authorized under the terms and conditions of a
special use permit. The purpose of the videotaping is to provide video
documentation of the meeting to share with the public via Dare and Hyde
County government access television channels and via the web.

The National Park Service believes that videotaping will:

Enhance the transparency and openness of the process

Provide the public as a whole an opportunity to observe the proceedings

Provide a means for educating interested parties about the proceedings
and issues

Provide an opportunity for the Committee to show its diligence,
civility, and hard work on the important issues before the Committee

There have been concerns expressed about allowing videotaping at this time,
in the middle of the process. The concerns expressed include:

The potential to focus on individuals and their comments, rather than on
the substance of the issues at hand (focus on the problem, not the
The potential to encourage grandstanding to and in front of the camera
The potential to inhibit open dialogue, creative ideas, and general
The Committee did not reach consensus on reversing the decision, made at
the beginning of the negotiated rulemaking process, to not allow

To address these concerns, the NPS will work with the County to issue a
Special Permit that meets the needs of transparency, openness, and support
of, rather than hindrance to, the work of the Committee.

“This has been a very difficult decision,” said Superintendent Mike Murray.
“I believe the concerns expressed about potential negative impacts of
videotaping are real. After careful consideration and consultation with
many, I have determined that the benefits of permitting videotaping do
outweigh the real costs. Based on the email messages and phone calls that
we receive on a regular basis, there is a need for accurate information
about beach access, the negotiated rulemaking process, and the legal
mandates that must be met by NPS in the ORV management plan. Videotaping
will allow many more people to observe the meeting discussion, hear the
different points of view, and judge them for themselves. Ultimately, NPS
must weigh the benefits of transparency and broad public outreach against
the effectiveness of the committee and its intent and purpose. NPS has
determined that potential benefits of videotaping outweigh the potential
negative impacts on the negotiation process. We will take it one meeting
at a time to ensure my assessment of the issue is accurate and will
re-evaluate the situation, as needed, after the November meeting.”

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