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Got to Fish 3 Days this past week.. First Day, (Tuesday), arrived Mid-Afternoon after scouting the water(s).. High Tide on the Falling, Water temp is about 82 F. Winds East-southeast 10~15knots
Hooked up with a *Snake* King Mack Fishing around 4 PM..(was using a grass Shad for bait),, it got wrapped in the Anchor Line, lowered & broke loose the Anchor line, (from the bottom), reeled BOTH in until said King was in gaffing position.. NOTE: (No gaff was present),,, THOUGH, had a basket on hand, lowered, (PLEASE NOTE), there was ONLY 2 of Us, (He was Floundering), (A Rookie),,, Dropped Basket, I then had another guy, (Whom was Hispanic & couldn't speak ENGLISH)... I asked Him to HOLD My fighting Rod While I was going to get the King in the basket.. INSTEAD, he tightened the drag & started reeling like crazy... before I could say another word....
Which in turn brought the King half-way up outta the water,, AND YES; pulled the hooks right outta it's mouth.. It swam away to fight & grow another day... :(
Re-rigged & re-threw My anchor out, managed to get a Candy-Bar blue on My Sabiki rig, ran it out... No sooner you could say go,, another King Skied My bait..
That one was pushing every bit of 35-40 pounds plus! Missed the bait, BUT..... Got the wire, peeled off about a 100 yards of line, before dropping said bait, & cutting the Wire...
NUMERIOUS flounders caught, Lotsa Shorts, though the guy fishing for them, caught 6 between 15" & 20 inches....
NOT much in the way of bottom fish.. Pin Fish & lizards...

Second day... (Thursday), Same conditions East~ SouthEast wind 10~15 Variable... Again the Flounder bite was & still was on Fire.. BIGGER Flounders on Thursday, many pushing 4 & 5 Pounds... NO SHORTS.. Bouncing Mud Minnows along the south side of the Pier out to the Right corner on the end.. Same as conditions as above...
Bait was EXTREMELY Scarce.. Lots of Sharks, Spinners almost every one that was hooked up, NO legal ones..
Mostly Pinfish for the bottom fisher Folks..
one Spanish about 3.5 pounds caught. Watched plenty jumping but they wouldn't Hit plugs or anything..
Observe NUMERIOUS Tarpons about 8 foot long pushing 200+, in groups of 5~6~7 or 8 @ a time... Cruising by the End of the Pier, & through the baits....
3rd day Today was a wash.. Small Cobia caught, nothing else//.. It was released alive to fight another Day, to short..
Sea view Pier folks are KILLING the BIG Spanish.. from there SOUTH it is Tarpon city..
Surprise! Fishing Folks @ Johnny Mercers, Today,, I observed "a lot" of... wait for it....... SPOTS caught,, (Early in the morning),, Bigg'ins too! about a dozen... I seen caught,, fresh shrimp dropped below the railing... then proceeded to North pier, parking fees are a Killer @ JMP...
As soon as I can get Mor fishing funds come, will post another report..
EDIT: Lots of Sheeps caught along the rocks from the Boatramp in snows cut, talked to a guy,, He showed Me, He had 43 in his cooler,, float fishing the rocks in & around Snows Cut,, using sand Fiddlers...
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