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Jake Ace said:
So of course, I bought all that stuff, and so did my buddy and we had about 40 lbs and $50 of lead that we didn't own a day earlier when we left the dock.

You know where this is going, right.

Now I have all this 16 oz lead, and these big flounder rigs, and I get on a boat in 40+ feet of water, and catch flounder on jigs. I guess I have items for next year's yard sale. Go figure.
JerryB said:
i love it when the locals send you buying for all the right stuff and you end up catching on the same thing you use at home! LOL
For a little over a year I have been logging in to a site about pier and surf fishing. You guys may be familiar with the site I am speaking of.

Anyway...I have read, taken notes and even gone out and bought a lot of tackle supplies that I never owned before. Seems if I followed the given advice and purchased items such as wire leader material, crimping pliers, needle nose pliers, and a fish stringer then I would be more likely to have a more productive fishing experience.

Well, to date, I have not caught any toothy critters that would warrant me buying the above items.

This past weekend I went fishing for baitfish for a trip I was planning for the next day. As it turned out, the blues that I had invisioned catching the next day had led me to putting the above items in my tackle box ahead of time. As it turns out, they came in handy during the bait gathering excursion. No, I didn't get the blues on this day. Instead the fact that I didn't get the blues, another type blues that is, is what I am happy about.

Seems the cable that runs from our truck's accelerator pedal to the carbuerator broke and completely popped back up into the chamber. Wasn't even visible from under the hood of the truck. Gas pedal dropped completely to the floor.

Well I simply got out the emergency supplies: 1 pack of steel leader material, 1 pair of crimping pliers, 1 pair of long nose pliers, and a nylon type fish stringer. So you can see where this is going.....I used the steel leader material, layered to attach to the remaining accelerator cable by using both pair of pliers to securely tie tight knots in the cables then attached the other end of the leader material to the fish stringer and ran it thru the "thing of a ma jig" on the side of the carbuerator. Wa la...instant temporary fix to get me home after being soaked in the rain. I hi tailed it out of there as quickly as possible. I did however feel a bit uneasy about the quick fix....I wish I had brought along my knot tying notes. Sure wanted to have used a knot with the most strength to it. Anyway, I came up with my own version of the the "two halves make a whole cause your life's counting on it" knot. ;~)

It's possible I could have made the repair much more quickly...cause as I was searching thru the tackle box I moved aside the free spool of spiderwire I received. I don't think this was the right time to test it's strength. :jawdrop:

Moral to this is you never know when those seemingly unnecessary and seldom used things that one buys on a whim will come in handy. Sure glad I paid attention to those guys on that fishing board. Now what is the name of that board????

Anyone else have any similar experiences using fishing supplies for unintended purposes???

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Fishing line on my choke

Had a Dodge truck back in the 70's when i was stationed in Newfounland.

My choke stuck on the way home from fishing, so I took out some 12 lb. test line and tied it open.

ran it like that for a week or so........hahahaa
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