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Northern Pike and Deep Creek Lake

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Anybody fish for Northern Pike @ Deep Creek Lake?

Any decent marina where you can rent a fishing boat for a day or 2?

I been out there just to relax in the off season, but never really fished the lake.

Went home to Michigan to visit my mother 2 weeks ago and now I got an inch to go Pike fishing.

Did a lot of Pike fishing while growing up in Michigan. Also done some in Canada.

Thanks for any info you're willing to share.
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Fall should be primo time for northerns.
We have had good luck with Tiger Muskies with Storm swimbaits. They have great action and most are pretty weedless (single hook varieties). We fish them in water ~12 feet deep with weeds 5-6 up from the bottom. Just keep them a foot or two above the weeds.
Most people use something flashy, but if they aren't hitting regular lures (red eye wiggler, muskie killers), try a swimbait. They are erratic enough to get the bigger ones to strike.
We also used to kill river Muskies with the big sluggos. Think they were 10" or so. Tough to get a good hookset with them though, the hooks sucked ass. Had to add a trailer and catch rate went up.
I saw a big eel swimbait in Bass pro, it was a striper bait. I bet that would kill the Tigers on my home away from home lake.
Dropping the steel leaders helped increase hits as well. Pike have conical teeth that are not that tough on line. 60 lb fluoro leader worked well and didn't get cut.
I have no idea about that lake, I have fished pike and muskie in upstate NY. Escoids have holding teeth, not cutting teeth. They are sharp, but they are puncture sharp, that was why we switched from steel to heavy flouro. They can get nicked up but haven't had one cut. A tail whip from a big one when it dives can cut your line though.
In the fall I would look for shallow points close to deeper water, if there is any structure all the better. Concentrate in the 5-15 foot range, depending on weeds. If pike are around they let you know in a hurry.
One muskie I caught last year flopped on the boat and got my buddie on the leg. He was actually bleeding. It flopped at him agape and punctured his leg. We had a laugh about it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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