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Northern Pike and Deep Creek Lake

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Anybody fish for Northern Pike @ Deep Creek Lake?

Any decent marina where you can rent a fishing boat for a day or 2?

I been out there just to relax in the off season, but never really fished the lake.

Went home to Michigan to visit my mother 2 weeks ago and now I got an inch to go Pike fishing.

Did a lot of Pike fishing while growing up in Michigan. Also done some in Canada.

Thanks for any info you're willing to share.
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Thanks Garboman.

I was thinking of going late fall.

I been checking the marinas out there online.
Pods thanks for the info.

We used steel leaders in Michigan and Canada. I was reading a DCL fishing report and they say don't use them on DCL. Just heavy Flour leader and do away with the swivel.

I know for a fact Pike have very shape teeth. had my finger cut many times. Need a good set of needle nose pliers.

Can you recommend an area of the lake that is best to target?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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