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Northern OBX Hotspots?

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Does anyone know of a decent place to fish NORTH of Kitty Hawk, on the OBX?

I have the use of a great house at Corolla, but the beach up there is very shallow and featureless. The only place that had an outer bar and slouth was just north of the "Research Pier" at Duck, and that's been closed to fishermen since 9/11.

The 25 mile drive down to Kitty Hawk, on winding 2 lane, tourist clogged roads, is maddening.

The piers under the Oregon Inlet Bridge and the Bridge to Manteo are great, but the drive to and from ruins the experience.
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The "research pier" you are referring to is the Army Corp of Engineers pier. As far as I know, it has never been open to fishing, unless I guess you knew someone. However, you can fish under or around it all you want. I was just there beginning of June. The beach area just north of the pier (in front of the community called "Osprey") is looking nice right now with deep holes, steep beach. Fish it all you want...

Per the surf, I would give either Bob's B&T a call or TW's in Corolla.

But for the most part your right...surf area up there is flat, featureless. But you never know what you might catch...if you fish off the surf here, I would concentrate around first and last light. You'll probably manage your share of spot, skate, and maybe some small blues.
Guess what, your wrong!!

There a wreck close in shore in the vincinity of the Pine Island Development - look for the road opposite the airport (look for the windsock), find the public access point and hit the beach.

The ramp behind the Food Lion (Abacale Road?) has a nice hole.

The 4x4 country in Cordova, the tree stumps area nad the VA/NC border.

Check in with Corrolla Bait & Tackle on the web for the latest info. Ramy and Amy Gold will put you on fish.
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