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North Beach Pier

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Forget the North Beach Pier..With all the rain I am thinking about running charters from my front yard.

Seriously one more week.
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Something that you guys might enjoy..I was talking to a gentleman on the boardwalk last night abouthe pier construction. He said that he lives close to the pier and that the main reason that they are rebuilding it is they used a snow plow on the pier and the blade did a lot of damage to the wood..That is one reason they are replacing everything..I slipped out on the thing last night and 75% of the boards have been replaced..
One individual caught a couple nice sized croakers just below the rod and reel so they should start coming in..
Fished the jetty at Flag Harbor about 15 miles south of North Beach... nothing. Drove by North Beach Pier on the way home and they said the work will be done in two days. That makes it Wednesday or Thursday.
That is about what I heard sometime this week. They are talking about charging for parking and the prices to fish are the same as last year. I have not heard any more about the parking fees just rumor. I am going to check it out this week and will keep it posted.. They were talking about it last year..Charging non residents a parking fee..When I find out I will post it..
It's about 20 miles or so south of North Beach between Calvert Cliffs and Long Beach.. There's a rock jetty there to protect the harbor. Fishing the outgoing tide there has worked the past few years. chicken strips, squid, shrimp..... anything works there
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