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Is there any restrictions for catching stripers at NBP now? You can keep them right? Just making sure. Thanks
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You can keep anything over 2 inches.
j/k, I'd love to see the reaction of the DNR rep when he sees the four inch rock in your cooler.
NB is restricted by the normal MD restrictions on the bay. Was 28" and not between midnight and 5 am. Now 18"? If not, when?
I stopped by the pier last night around 730 and people were leaving because they were catching nothing but horseshoe crabs.
I counted about 15 people and twenty rods..One man had been there since 1000 a.m. and had not gotten a bite.
I was at NB past tuesday with my wife. Arrived at 4pm and left at 5:30 because it was raining and I didn't want my wife to be out there in a miserable conditions. There were about 6 or 7 guys there with about 12 poles.

No bites, no nothing...
You used the new poles yet? how you like em?
only took my tica and my ugly. Haven't used Okuma yet.

Husky, you up to do a trip to choptank? I checked out Holiday Sports down route 4. They got nice bloods for 6.25.
Fished NBP from 11:00am to 10:00pm on the hightide, out going tide, slack and incomming. Rained like hell all day but that was great as the fairweather fisherman stayed home. Caught a bunch of dink Rock, from 8" to 14". At about 5:45pm the Croaker turned on. All said and done left the pier with 18 big Hardheads. All caught useing bloodworms. One guy got a Horseshoe Crab that must have been 18" across. You can keep two Rock per person per day. 18" to 28" one may be over 28" and yes there are allot of HSC's around....Tightlines
Hat 80~> The Hardhead's are dead off nb maybe one or two here or there ..nothing to due but wait for the blues and skates :eek: How is the spots right now ..they are going to take up the slack too..right

Still love fishing the pier :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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