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North Beach Pier Closing

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FYI: Just got the word that the NB towncouncil has made it's final decision. The pier hours are official starting today: 6am - 10pm daily.

If you were open and willing to conduct in the boycott, the GREEN LIGHT has come. It's sad to see and hear that the town is actually acusing the fisherman of causing so much damage and disorder at the pier. They will see, once the fisherman are gone and the youth of that town raise havoc. As they say, what goes around comes around.

It sucks for me, because I usually fish late in the evening and into the early morning. Now I guess I'll just have to take my trip to Matapeake more regularly now. Keep me informed. I will make a trip to the NB area just to film one evening to show them what those kids are actually doing.

Fishing is the best and most relaxing past time....
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Were you at the meeting? Hat80 and I attended this evening, and boy was it a mega-fiasco. Stay tuned for hot updates on the Boycott North Beach site in the next few days.

I really feel sorry for the kids who live in that town. Glad I didn't grow up there. :(
I always avoided NBP because of it's bad reputations. rowdy crowds, fights, among others. from my encounters with P&S members, all of them that i have met were responsible fisherman. we love to fish and we will take care of the pier or place that we fish, but there are many irresponsible fisherman around who trash the places they go. :mad: last time i went to romancoke pier, i was the last one to leave in the morning, and there were trashes everywhere. you can not blame that on kids, because kids don't stay there all night. although i have not been on NBP for last 10 years, i'm sure many of the blame should be on irresponsible fisherman. about 75% of my fishing is at matapeake and romancoke piers, and i hope those irresponsible fisherman from NBP doesn't invade it.
I 've heared similer stories about Town Creek,and it seems like a good place to fish.:rolleyes: .I wish there was a way to keep the rif raf away from these places.
I'm glad the NB is far enough away from the Tank that the low lifes that caused havoc there won't be fishing there. I never fished NB and problably never would have but I feel sorry for the responsible fisherman who enjoyed it. Before 9/11 my favorite fishing place ever was the catwalk at Conowingo Dam. For security reasons (?) they closed it and I felt like a part of me was gone. I'd been fishing there for almost 35 yrs. Everything has an up side though. If the catwalk was still open I would have never found P&S, the Tank, and the wonderfull people here.

I am truly saddened

I can't believe it. I am curious to hear what was said at the meeting. While I have seen a few drunken idiots at NB over the last three years, not one of them was loud enough at the end of the pier to keep one single resident of the town awake.

Now that the hours have been changed, what do the season pass holders do? LAWSUIT? Has anyone tried to get their money back?

I think we should organize a get together with signs and picket the pier--most of the fisherman fishing their have no idea they are being blamed for the noise in town.

NEXT OBVIOUS QUESTION--when the hotel is built right across from the pier, do they really think it will be quiet? It will certianly be louder than it is now with 24 hr fishing. Also, do they really think a hotel across from a pier that is closed at 10 PM is going to work?
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Husky read the update,

Got allot of work to do today. Full report later on the meeting. The whole website go's up this weekend.

Boycott North Beach
Well in response to the rowdy and unruly fisherman, you can get find them anywhere. It just depends on what part of the beach or pier you're on. I've seen intoxicated people come through and all most fall into the drink, fisherman having words at one another and I've also seen some trash on the pier. But not enough to imply a dumpsite.

Also, let me piggy back on the point of fisherman on the pier making enough noise to disturb the residents or actually keep anyone awake. I can barely see poles on the pier when I'm walking down it, and don't hear any conversations until I get all most up to the fishing edge.

I don't have any issues w/ the youth of NB, but when the town/towncouncil implicate the fisherman on the trashing and excessive noise on the beach, then I get some what irritated.
As I stated I usually fish there at night and have only noticed RESIDENTS squealing tires, honking horns or causing any type of rukus in the late late evening to morning. If they really wanted evidence of who the conspirators were, then they should've taken a video camera and taped all the wrong doings of the FISHERMEN/WOMEN on the pier.

Well, little more can be stated. But sum'd up in a short.... "IT SUCKS!!!!".

Have a great one guys/gals.

The Huntsman

signing off
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Well here we go let the boycott begin.:(
Denise Lucero sounds stupid

What kind of an email is that?
Paraphrasing her--
I visited the pier late at night...it was the most disgusting thig I have ever seen. It's not safe to be there.

OK, no specifics. What made it unsafe? When were you there and what did you see? How many people were there and were they loud and unruly?

Also, given she is in the Marines as a reservist, I highly doubt the NB pier is worse than half of what she sees in the marines.

Also, I find it interesting that she works for a latin thinktank. I wonder if she knows a lot of latinos fish at NB.
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The problems at NBP

I have only fished NBP for about 3 years and in that span i have seen only one incident and that was caused by a drunken citizen of North Beach. Im not going to elaborate on what causedthat problem. Now I have been there on numerous nights when there are groups of teens out thereon the boardwalk trying to tear down the tents that are setup. They are out there kicking on the soda machines, and most of all they are racing cars up and down the strip. Now as far as the bathroom goes its never been open at night in the 3 yrs ive been fishing there. Before i ever fished there i was always weaery about it because i was always hearing of fights and all kind of shenanigans. Now i havent seen any of that. The people who havent been to NB in years shouldn't speculate on whats going on down there if they are scared of a reputation. Things change over the years and the reputation of NBP has certainly done that. This is a sad week for night fisherman who frequent that pier:( ...........Tight LInes

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My Two Cents Worth emailed to the Mayor and Council

Mr. Mayor and Town Council:

I just received information that you and the town council have made a decision to close the pier at 10 pm and I felt a need do something that I very seldom do with issues like this, voice my opinion. I am a resident of PG County and I enjoyed (past tense) coming to the pier for a form of relaxation and to converse with people with the same interest. It saddens me to think that you and your council would let something like this happen without observing what happens on the pier for yourself or to do some kind of study or a personal visit to the pier. I have not seen nor heard of any representatives from your council visiting the pier, talking to the fishermen and seeing just how some of your spoiled and unruly neighborhood children act. The fishermen are at least 100 yards away from the pier and to assume that it’s the fishermen keeping people up at night is false. If the people who were awakened looked out their windows and listened, they would hear and see their neighbor’s children walking the streets in groups, making load noises and often trashing out the place. They would hear the motorcycles, with their unusually load engines, roaring up and down the streets. They would hear and those same motorcycles and some cars drag racing up and down their streets. I would think that these issues would be of more interest than any fisherman would be. The fisherman produce some form of revenue for your city, we pay to fish in a bay that is everyone’s to use. You have to be Jamie Summers and use your bionic ear to hear someone on that pier, but a def person could feel the vibrations from the noise that the locals/motorcycle groups that travel up and down your streets make now and with your decision will continue to make. After talking to a few residents of the area, I came to realize that the people of your town are prejudice. At once I thought of this in a racial way, but no longer; your citizens are prejudice again the fisherman who travel from miles around to use your pier, you are unappreciative of their willingness to make your pier one of the places that they could call home away from home. The pier was used to escape the very noise that you say we create. It is my understanding that you pushed for emergency legislation? I work in government and if I am correct, emergency legislation is only good for 90 days or so, and then it comes up for another vote. Emergency legislation is normally used to pass a resolution that you don’t want the public to be able to converse about. It’s usually done in a secretive manner so that constituent comments are not really heard and are not part of the decision process. Either way, from this point on, I know one fisherman who will not use your pier, boating slips, or stores; I refuse to give someone my money who doesn’t want me there and I will also tell anyone who ask that it is not worth the trip. Even at $5 a day, 4 times per month, equals $20 per month, multiply that times the amount of months that a person can fish and that’s what you just lost from me, and several others. My family will no longer visit your splash park when I fish during the day, Subway will no longer get my money for their cold cut combo and the city will no longer receive the tax dollars from the purchases. Thank you Mr. Mayor for truly making your fishing pier one of the few places that I, along with a whole cast of others will not visit.
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FWIW, and this is just my opinion - instead of focusing on contacting just the Mayor and Town Council to voice your opposition to the closing of the pier, make sure you contact the businesses in the area also. Sometimes, public officials tend to listen to their constituents a little more than outsiders.

I just called and made a reservation at one of the bed and breakfast inns. I'll call back tomorrow and cancel that same reservation and I'll make sure they know why - "...because I was coming to fish but now that the pier is closed at night..."
islanderblues good point, I think I will do the same.
Has anyone contacted newspapers on this???

I think this is a great opportunity to get the local newspapers involved. Has anyone contacted any newspapers about this story?

I have a friend (who even comes to this site occasionally) who works for a newspaper. I bet he'd have some contacts for us.
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