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North Beach/Chesapeak Beach Pier Activity

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Is the pier open for fishing and if so, has there been any activity as of yet. I know it's about that time for the spring croaker run. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :D
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You still have to wait couple more weeks for those horse to make it to where you are...I suggest that you make a run to virginia beach or Ocean city for Boston mack or Seabass...With weather cooperating, we shall be bless with them horse around midbay in few weeks!

Do you know if you bottom fish with bait to catch spring stripers or plastics on North Beach Pier or Fletcher Park?

Thx Bluefish, I'll be keeping my eyes open for info on thoses horses. I'm rearing to get out and put those Pens back into action.
I know your question was directed at Bluefish, but I'll answer for North Beach. Just about 99% of anglers use bait at NB. Rarely any plastics used. Also, NB tends to be a place where you need to get some distance on your casts.
Do you need a DC license for Fletcher Park?
YES!!!! you must have license to fish in DC
water,,,I was ticketed last year for fishing in OLDTOWN Alexandria....It turned out to be land might belongs to Virginia but water is belongs to Washington dc,,,figure that out...... :confused:
Anyhow, there are some special ranger of some sort made of Dc police officers roam
water claimed by DC and there are mercyless... So, you should buy Dc license.Nothing ruins your early fishing jitter than getting a fat ticket..!!!
Thanks for the response HuskyMD. I'm going to try out Fletcher Park end of this month. I'll let you know how I do.

Only 40 minutes away, can't beat that!

sure, I think I'm gonna give North Beach some action this year. I used to fish there exclusively, but then they put in those retarded boat slips.

Let me know if you ever want to join me there jangwuah.

That sounds like a plan. Let me know when you will be heading down to NB.
Greetings Bluefish!

I think they're talking about a different location. You DO need a DC license to fish Fletcher's in DC. Same goes for Haines Point. A nonresident license is $10.00 for the year, and can be purchased over the computer. I buy one for the CAG Carp tournament held each year at the tidal basin (near the Jefferson Memorial.) I'll probably go again this year, that's why I'm so interested in fishing at the boat house.
Im New here but i just thought i would let you guys know that i will be fishing at North Beach this coming week so i will let you know whats happening down there. It will be my first trip in about 3 months but im going to strech out my rods.
Let us know how you do there and how many people are fishing. I'd guess you'll be the only one this early. Still good casting practice though.

A warning if you are new--at the end of the pier in the middle there is a crab line or something (cable?). Cast far and reel in fast and you won't have any problem. Reel in slowly and you will likely get snagged.

The corners are best and if you cast out diagonally, you don't have to worry about getting snagged.
I drive by the pier nearly every day and the amount of people I have seen fishing you could count on one hand..There was one man out today and when I walked out he was checking out some new equipment.
I will be in Georgia and Mississippi for the next two weeks and will try getting in some fresh water fishing..When I get back I will post any news I can about the NB pier..
No luck at NB. there was only 2 other people down there. No Bites of any kind. I left There and went to Marshall Hall where there were plenty of catfish and yellow perch to go around. I tried this other spot called Farmington landing where i got a few catfish. I would say i had a good day but will keep trying NB until the fish come in.
HEY MC, JC is great. He'll let us know when then fish start biting. Keep your eye open.
So how many yellow perch did you catch at Marshall Hall? I call Farmington landing catfish central I was gonna go there sunday evening but didn't like the`way the clouds were looking.
we only got about 9 yellow perch but they were plump. Me and my dad caught 2 nice sized catfish which put up a good fight. I have heard of this place called Buckroe Beach near Hampton Roads where they say the fish get humongous. I was wondering if any of you have ever fished there??? If so, How did you do???
MC, I've fished in that area before. There is a "pay" pier that you can fish off of on Buckroe Bch, but if you have any military or government worker relatives or friends, a good bet on catching them monsterous Norfolk Croakers, go to Ft. Monroe Army Base, it's just before you go thru the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. When I fished there a few years ago, they hit really well there, also in Va Bch and Norfolk. Also, if you decide to go down that way try down Hwy 17 heading towards Portsmouth. The James River has definitely kept some nice croaker, spot and flouder. And not to leave out the strippers.... oops stripers. LOL, stay away from Military Hwy... hehe. Hope you have some success, let us know how you do if you decide to go.

Also, I got the word that NB pier may be closed next week due to somer work/renovation. Probaly them d*&@ boat slips again. Our luck, they may decide to extend it out a little further.
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North Beach pier is closed..They are doing some rebuilding..One of the workers said tha it would take a couple weeks..They are replacing a lot of wood that has deterioated???(rotted)..I will keep posted..Forget about the boat slips the front slips will have about three to four feet water at high tide so you can imagine what the ones next to the beach will have..Sand also gets washed out right into the slips right..I watched an individual with a 20 foot cat come in and scratched the hull pretty bad..
I will keep what news I get posted..
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