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The weather has really killed the tog fishing this year. The rain and snow melt has lowered bottom temps to much on the inshore grounds up north. The fish have lock jaw from all the reports I have heard. If the temps drop a few more degrees inshore but stay relatively stable on the deeper structure we might get a decent bite as the fish migrate on to the deeper pieces where the water is warmer. For this to happen, I think the air temps need to stay about where they are at but the precipitation needs to stop.

Right now, the best bet for togging seems to be from Barnegat south. If the weather continues, like this the northern grounds are done for the winter.

On the bright side, I am going on a private charter aboard the Jamaica to do some offshore seabassing in about a week. This cold water inshore should actually help the bite on the 30 fathom wrecks as fish migrate out to find warmer water. I'm ready to bail a limit of 4-6lb seabass then jig some pollock.

Hopefully if the weather stabilizes, I'll be able to do a trip or two inshore still this winter. At this rate it will probably be ling or mackerel fishing though.

I heard exactly what Anthony said about the magic hours trips. Their just starting to warm up. Maybe in another week or two the ling fishing will get better.

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