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Noob question on finger mullet

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So my son and I started surf fishing last summer, but didn't add a cast net to our growing pile o gear until later in the summer. I have searched and searched, but cannot find anything about when I can expect to start seeing finger mullet in the surf. I know there are runs later in the year, but are they there all year? Thanks.
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What I do with my finger mullet

Since finding them and catching them can be hit or miss, and when you do catch them, you seem to catch many, I like to put them in gallon sized, zip lock bags. I lay them flat and make one layer, seal the bag and freeze them. The flat bags stack nicely in the freezer, and the mullet thaw quicker than in a random pile. I will just toss a bag in the cooler when I head out, then let it sit out while I get set up. By that time they are ready to go.
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