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Noob question on finger mullet

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So my son and I started surf fishing last summer, but didn't add a cast net to our growing pile o gear until later in the summer. I have searched and searched, but cannot find anything about when I can expect to start seeing finger mullet in the surf. I know there are runs later in the year, but are they there all year? Thanks.
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I salt mine, they do not get so mushy when you salt and freeze them. I put my mullet in heavy salt brine( lots of salt, water & ice) for couple hours, then put 10 to 12 mullet in a small freezer container with brine solution (salt & water) then in my freezer . I pull out a container to fish with. If I find fresh mullet I use them , if not I use the salted mullet and what I don't use I put back in freezer.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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