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Surf Fishing Checklist
By: Saltwater Surf Fisherman

2 Hook Beaded Monofilament Dropper Rigs
2 Hook Steel Leader Dropper Rigs
Egg Weights, Torpedo Weights, and Flounder Rigs
Fish Finder Rigs
Assortment of Pyramid Sinkers 4 to 6 oz.
8 oz. Pyramid Weights for Tougher Conditions
Hopkins, Gotcha, and Stingsilver Lures
Lead Heads and Grubs
18 inch Steel Leaders
5/0 and 8/0 circle hooks
Kayle Flounder Hooks
Mustad 5/0 Short Shank Hooks
Eagle Claw Size 2 Long Shank Bronze Hooks
Pack of Gold Pompano Hooks
40 to 50 Pound Mono Shock Leader Line
Long Nose Pliers
Fishing Hat (preferrably one that brings you good luck!)
Polarized Sunglasses
Pocket Knife
Chest Waders (preferred over hip boots)
Flashlight and a Neck Light
Raincoat (for wind as well as rain protection)
Sand Spikes
Spike Bopper (wooden or hard rubber)
Filet Knife and Cutting Board
Bait Cutting Scissors (for preparing crab)
5 to 7 Foot Cast Net and Bucket
Floating Minnow Bucket w/Nylon Rope
Propane Lantern for Night Fishing
Weather Radio
Fish Regulations Chart
Lawn Chairs
Beach Umbrella (Summertime)
Couple of Ice Chests
Beverage Huggies
Pack of Beads and Clips for Your Fishfinder Rigs
Tow strap, Cable or Chain, and Carpet Strips
Small Shovel (in case you get stuck)
A Belt-type Bait Box
Bait Belt
Glow Sticks for Night Fishing
Thermal Underwear (Wintertime)
Air Pump
Tire Pressure Gauge
Zip Lock Bags
Nail Apron
Beach Access Maps
Cellular Phone
Chap Stick
Cutting Board
Electrical Tape
Emergency Toolbox
First Aid Kit
Fish Scaler
Long Needle Nose Pliers
Fishing Towels
Garbage Bags
Rubber Gloves
Hook File
Hook Remover
Individual Prescription Medication
Insect Repellant
Jumper Cables
Knife Sharpener
Maglight w/Lanyard
Sun Screen Lotion
Thermos Bottle
Nail Clippers w/Lanyard
Tow Rope
Waders w/Suspenders & Repair Kit
Window Cleaner
Small Spray Bottle w/ Fresh Water for Rinsing Reels
Small Notebook
Handheld GPS
Rod Rack for the Truck
Good Music (Classic Rock or Country)
Good Attitude and Patience
And Of Course Dont Forget Your Rods Reels and Tackle Box! :)

Thats a bit much for me to lug around.

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Yeah ask Aero993 about bringing a pier cart!;) Hey Joey a man has got to eat sometimes right! I see you took home that tastey little striper you caught the other day.:D

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Joey...I've always practiced C&R. I catch them and release them to my cooler.:D Most of the guys I know that practice C&R either don't like fish, they don't know how to cook them, or they don't like cleaning them.


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I have to take one home every now and then to appease the fishing gods, you know since it was an offering and all... :D

You found me out. I hate cleaning them, but have no problem with filleting. :D

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Kozlow, if I had to carry that much stuff just to go surf fishing, I would find another hobby. :)

I carry the following to the surf and I have all that I really need.

2 sand spikes- one PVC and one aluminum angle with the cup and bait cutting shelf. The metal spike telescopes into the PVC spike and both are tied to the cooler handle.

2 rods

1 cooler that holds a small tackle box, bait, knife, plier-tool, plastic bags and fishing rag. Cooler doubles as a seat.


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That list sounds a whole like mine, but the "cart" I load all that into is a '92 full-size Bronco which follows me wherever I go on the Outer Banks of Carolina!! Otherwise the list is quite a bit shorter.

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Joey...Just kidding you a little. As much as I like to eat fish there are times when I release everything unless it's a trophy. I don't like cleaning them either. But right about now the freezer is just about empty of fish so I'll be keeping just about everything for a while.


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Hey catman hopefully we will fix that this saturday and maybe even sunday? What ya think? Let me know. Call me on Friday or I will call you. Been busy with the woman lately:rolleyes: You know how that is.:D

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Joey was just messing with ya. I hear ya on the appeasing of the fishing gods! Hopefully they will shine on us this weekend.

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I think everyones list is close to being that large I found out how much stuff I needed when I started planning my Montauk trip and I'm not using a beach buggy.

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I'm in the process of refining my newest contraption. It does need a bit of cosmetic work. That will be done in the off season.

Wait a minute.....this seems like the off season.:jawdrop:

I'll post a pic when she is ready to be unveiled. Efficiency at it's best is all I can say about it right now.
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