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New to Site and Surf Fishing

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Am new to this site and also new to salt water/surf fishing, done mostly fresh water fishing. Did do some surfing fishing at Fenwick Island about 10 years ago and loved it; used my Walleye rod and reel.

Anyway bought a Okuma rod & reel and some rigs from Dick's.

Was at SPSP Friday and Sunday AM and used Squid as bait and caught nothing, I thought Squid was suppose to be good for just about anything in the Bay. Are blood worms better? Can you use night crawlers with good results?

Does any know what Angler's (right off of Rt. 50) charges for blood worms? SPSP marina wants $7.00/doz? Or does anybody know where online you can get blood worm cheaper?

Any info/insight to surfing would be appreciated.

For anybody that's from Michigan, I grew up there, am going back home to visit my mom and we got a cabin rented at Fletcher's Pond to do some northern pike fishing and jumbo yellow perch fishing in mid August. I will post the results of my trip later.

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Hello Orest,
If you’re interested in surf and pier fishing you came to the right place. There are some great knowledgeable people on this board. I learned how to surf fish right here. Anyway, bloodworms at SPSP are a great bet to catch spot, perch, striper and croaker. I have not had any luck at SP with squid. A lot of people fish with shrimp and have great luck. It is best to take a variety of bait. As for bloodworms I would stay away from Anglers unless you are really desperate. They charge $8 a dozen and they are small and they don't let you pick them out. I live in VA and I buy them there. Nightcrawlers have not been good for me but other people claim to have luck with them. They just don't hold up in the salty water.
I frequent SPSP as it is pretty close to where I live and all. This is my first year living in this area so I haven’t made it to other places other than breezy point earlier this year.
If you’re out at SP on the weekends stop by if you see me around, I fish with a 12' and 10' with yellow tape on the ends to see them better at night. Good luck

Any more info just inquire
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RedDog1 -

Thanks for the info. What time do you fish on the weekends?

What type of shrimp? Frozen / raw? Size?
I have been getting there around 8-9pm and fishing till 1-2am. I have had great luck there the last few weekends except for this past weekend.
Try fresh shrimp directly from the supermarket. Nothing fancy just make sure it is not frozen since it will have problems staying on the hook.
Just be careful out as SP to set the drag on your reel. If you happen to get a cownose ray on you line say bye bye to your pole if the drag is not set properly. Those things can be a a pain but are fun to fight with.
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