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My wife and my mother are here from Ohio.
( I just recently moved to New Smyrna and my wife can't move until June) Anyway, they were surf fishing yesterday morning in front of my house in New Smyrna Beach while I was at work and got into a school of nice blues. Biggest one was 7 lbs and around 31 inches. All of them were decent size. They were using cut mullet. A while ago I showed them how to fillet a smaller blue and use it to catch bigger blue. They did it and caught the 7 pounder. I was very impressed. They had all the passer-byes looking and stopping to ask them questions. They had a real good day. Other than that its been Sail cats, Sail cats, and more Sail cats! As of late the surf has been too rough!

Fish On Brother!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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