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New Personal Best trout 4/21

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I got off work late & started to go do some catch & release shad fishing but the
traffic was bad so I changed direction & found more tough traffic. I pulled over to old Laurel to fish the Patuxent near Main St. My first spot was occupied w/ kids throwing rocks in the water. One kid asked my to untangle his line, which I did, then he threw more rocks. Meanwhile I walked along the bank & then hooked into a 19.5" rainbow trout using a Mepps spinner. I hooked one more ' normal-sized' stocker of 11" then could find no more love. That big one made it to shore then snapped my ultralight rod tip once on land. I was truly stoked.
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Nice fish. Im still trying to beat my best which was 21inches and also the second trout i ever caught... and that was 10 years ago.
I caught one 21 inches at Cosca 7 years ago, and have been trying to chase one the same size as well! None of these baby stockies measures up now. I had a huge one on Sunday at a local place, (at least I think it was a trout), reeling in felt heavy as heck, then it jumped out of the water and popped right off the line.
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