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Hello everyone, I am from Orlando, Fl.
I found your board searching, and finally decided to log in and say hello.
Been fishing the East Coast for many years, and after a 4 year absence, I am back fishing again.

I like the updates you guys post, and the fishing stories.
Thank you.

4 weeks ago a few friends and I went to Tampa, Fl. and tried fishing a big Bridge there. No luck at all. Then 2 weeks ago we decided to hit Sarasota, south of Tampa. Nice trip, started around 5 pm and stayed until around 1 am. Several Trouts, and lots of lady Fish. Had fun, Ladies in the 1-2 lbs. Range one after the other.
A week ago went to the Titusville area south of H.O. Canal (Mosquitto Laggon). Landed a 34 inch Black Drum (released him). Several Mangrove Snappers (Small), 1 Sheep Head (14 inch). Several Rays and 1 Cat. Not a bad day.
Now I plan to go to the surf and give it a shot this weekend.
I will be fishing the Cocoa, Melbourne, Titusville area. I will keep you all informed, just like to return the favor and share some info.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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