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Hi All,

New to South Carolina, to this forum, and to surf and pier fishing in the southeast in general. Been in Bluffton area since late September mostly fishing the surf at Hilton Head and the Broad River pier. Other than one nice Red I have caught only small stuff, mostly skates and whitting, which is probably what you expect from a novice, but the last week or so the weather got colder and things have just died. Don't see any other anglers catching either.

Wondering what I can do for winter fishing without travelling to far. I am told it is great here in winter for reds and trout but only if you have a boat to access the estuaries, which I don't have. I'm reading on the net that the Charleston area has good fishing for something or other during the winter but I am looking a little closer, like Hunting Island State Park in SC and Edisto Beach. Stuff I have read here and elsewhere seems not so good for Hunting Island and pretty good right now for Edisto, but I've found nothing about the winter fishing there.

Will these be wasted drives in Dec-Feb or is there decent fishing from the shore or pier with public access in that general area? I don't expect to hear of your secret spots, but maybe someplace not too bad that you'd send a pesky brother in law.
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