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New Bass Pro Shop

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Opens summer of 2003 Potomac Mills Mall :D
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TonyG - Have you checked out Galyan's by Fair Oaks? Their fishing section ain't no BPS but it ain't too shabby.
Great, now you Virginians can know the joy of paying sales tax on your mail/fax/web orders from BPS too!

chest2head&glassy Iuse to goto Galyan's all the time un till they open basspro in B Moore. But I live 15 minuts from Galyan's.
Thanks for the reply
galyans is pretty good. A massive fishing section but not enough saltwater in my opinion.
They're opening a Gaylan's down here in VB. I'll be curious to see if they adjust their tackle selection to more saltwater.
chest2head&glassy) Some store do like waly mart, the one close to me doesn't have of anything, but the store in Woodbridge a lot of salt and fresh Rod,Rells and lures.
TonyG - The 'bridge is my hometown. I used to fish for stripers, believe it or not, right in Occoquan. If you're familiar with the little town, they use to let you enter the water processing facility (at the end of Lynn St) just below the 2nd dam and you could follow the river up about .5 mile until you reach the rocks. During the shad runs in the spring, the schoolie sized stripers would be right below the rock line to feast on the buffet.
This was also a great spot to catch shad on little shad darts with 4lb test.
This was back in the early 80's. I know by the mid to late 80's they had fenced off because they had one or two people drown while cast netting the shad. That area was still reachable by a boat.
I keep meaning to stop by whenever I go visit mom, but never get the chance.
Next time your on route 123 in the 'bridge, check to see if that spot is still reachable.
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chest2head&glassy you can still fish down there under the cross walk bridge . I still fish there the hickory shad are running with my crappie pole . I grow up in Fairfax and we use to go netting there when I was little. You can't reach the second dam because it's still fenced off.
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