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New 12' Okuma Solaris Surf Rod????????

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I have a new 12' Okuma Solaris rod w/ a Okuma EB 80 Baitrunner on it. I went and did some Cobia fishing this weekend, I was only throwing 6oz plus bait but to me it wasn't sailing the way I thought it would. By the way I have 20# Sufix on it. Is there something that I am doing wrong. I also have an 11' Penn Rod with a Shimano 6000 Stradic and it cast like a dream, Throwing 6oz and Bait. Also has 20# Sufix.

WHAT's THE PROBLEM?????????????????????? :confused: :confused:
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Big T,

A friend picked up a 12 footer for me in the OBX. I used it for the first time last night. I thought it was a very nice rod. I was fishing with my Solaris and my 12 foot Tica. For the money, the Solaris can't be beat. I was throwing 5 oz plus bait. My reels are spooled up with 12lb tight line. My friend was also using Solaris rods, 12 footers. He was casting I would say 450 feet plus. My arm got tired both times I reeled in for him.
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