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My tip-top insert ejected on my last cast.
I would like to get 2 REALLY-GOOD med to high quality rods. One 1-3oz. for lures at 8+ to 10ft. and one 6-8oz at 10+ to 12ft.
Are St.Croix's better than Breakaway or G-Loomis?
The Breakaway guidepost do not seem to be back-filled with epoxy like the St.'s or G-loomis; however, they do have really BIG tip-top guides. The rods would be for Surf Fishing not just distance casting.
I need spinning not casting rods.
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An 11' rod is a bit long for fishing with lures, IMHO. For casting 1-3 oz. lures I'd stay with a 9 - 9 1/2 foot rod. For bait fishing where you don't have to make that many casts, an 11'-12' rod is ideal.

Lamiglas makes some good quality rods, both 1-piece and 2-piece. Have a look at their "Graphite Surf & Jetty" lineup. Currently Lamiglas offers no factory "Hatteras heaver 8 & bait" type rod.

I can't help you with choosing a reel since I fish with conventionals, sorry. Get a reel that holds at least 200 yards of #20 mono.
Why don't you replace the tip top on your rod? It's fairly easy, just be sure to replace with reliable guides. Fuji makes great guides, go with the Hardloy's or if you want to spend some money for higher performance look into the Fuji SIC tip tops.

Being a St. Croix fan, I wouldn't say the surf sticks are better than Breakaway but they hold their own. Looks like they have a few rods in this year's line up that match your needs. http://www.stcroixrods.com/rods/saltwater.asp?rod=Premier%20Surf#
Thank You.
9-9.5 sounds OK.
I dont know if BPS has Lamiglas, I saw St. Croix, Breakaway, Lomgis or something like that.
Yes I do need the 2pc. and they start at 10ft.for the Surf type St.'s. at 3/4 to 4oz.
Joey and others have mention good things about the St. 8ft. 2oz. TideMaster and it does feel REALLLL GOOD, but I need a 2pc.
corbina.the 9-9.5 is best for lures , 11ft is good for surf. i've built a lot of rods in my time and have used lamiglass for most. it is as good quality as any made in usa.custom rods are expensive be cause of the time and effort put in them. i have found the st. crouix to be of a high quality. they are as good as any. you will hear many arguments from others about what is best . i'm just giving my opinion.
Tica graphite surf
with cork grip
9 foot $80
tica graphite 12 foot
w/cork $104
ron arra lamiglass 9 foot $250
ron arra lamiglass 12 foot $270
you can get them cheaper at bills sport shop http://www.billssportshop.com/
no sales tax in delaware
or online
I love my tica I have a 7 foot 8 foot
and just got a 12 foot
Oh yeah I sold my st croix tidemaster.............
and bought 2 tica Graphite cork grip
If you feel like spending money
put it in the reel.....

speaking of reels I just bought a tica camry 3500 High speed 10 ball bearings
goin to put it to the test with a couple of cow bass out on the hen & chicken or prissywick shoals.got the reel of ebay for $30!!!
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Good suggestions above. I also like the Sealine X for a good quality, inexpensive surf stick. I have a 9-footer that's been indispensable.
I love that Tidemaster! :p

Be careful with the Tica Camry. Previous models are known for premature bail closure on a hard cast (more so with the 10 ball bearing Tica Libra). Lost a few good plugs with those reels. :( They have great drags though. :)
The new tica camry has 10 b.b.
I thought it was a libra also
I also heard the camry had bail problems
I will find out the 2nd week in june while
spanish mack fishing in hatteras
I recently got an 8 1/2 foot St. Croix Premier surf casting rod rated for 1/2 - 2 oz. I chose it because I needed a 2-pc rod for casting lighter lures and the St. Croix Tidemasters and Lamiglas inshore rods are all 1-pc. I've only taken it out a couple of times, but so far it seems to be up to the job. Once I hook a big fish I'll really see what it's capable of. The butt section could be a few inches longer for more leverage, but then again, I'm not really trying to cast to Portugal with this rod.

By the way, tackledirect.com offers Lamiglas rods and their service is great. They're based in NJ.
Try looking at BassPro Oceanmaster rods. I heard they have great bang for you bucks.
all are good suggestions, but remember the old saying, you gets what you pay for. $50 rod is a $50 rod. a$100 rod is a $100 rod. if a rod is marked graphite does not mean it is a graphite rod. it is a composite and could be from 10% up. always look for the one with a good warranty.look up some of the usa made rods such as st. crouix, all star, star. and lamiglass.
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