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I've got some friends coming into town and they really want to get on some big fish. They don't care what kind, but the bigger the better. I've been fishing VA/NC all my life, so they asked me if I had any good advice as far as booking a charter. I told them not to call a booking service- that I would handle it for them.

I used to be a mate, and used to clean fish for charters, so they said that if I could get them hooked up with a good captain at a good price, and I clean their fish....I get to go for free!!:cool:

I'd rather ask you all that just call a number out of the phone book, as I respect and have appreciated the advice that I get on P&S.....(i've been here awhile).

Any captains that read this post, we need a boat for 5-7 people, a mate and some big fish. We will be staying at OI campground, but will travel to teach's lair or wherever to meet the boat. Please PM, call, text or email either of these addresses with prices and an idea of what to expect to catch. These guys are from TN and just want to catch "some huge fish that we can eat".

Offshore is preferred, but an inshore would be great, too if the big fish are inshore. Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, Kings, Cobes,....etc. Anything that will make these non-fisherman go WOW>>>HOLY S^[email protected]#!!!

Thanks in advance,

[email protected]
[email protected]
(757) 303-8416

p.s. I'll post this on the VA and NC site, also.
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