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I need any motor or boat I can get.
I can probably pay a little.
Not very much.
Donations of Boat motor and Boat would be greatly appreciated.
I realize that nobody wants to get rid of a Boat or motor but I really need the Charity for this project. I am not profiting from this at all, except graduating and hopefully getting me in college.
I need a boat motor for cheap hopefully free. Condition not important.
Im doing my Senior Project at Currituck County High School.
I'm trying to convert a boat motor to an alternative fuel.
You'll be mentioned/credited in the project if you want.
If you want I will advertise anything you need in exchange for the money I CANT pay.
If you have a boat hull for free or extremely cheap I am interested.
Any kinds are welcome.
All motors welcome. Esp. an inboard
Any HP welcome.
Any information regarding the whereabouts or help on getting a Motor and cheap parts is also welcomed.
Thank You,
[email protected]
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