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Need a cheap broomstick

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Went out with the the crew and witnessed many nice fish last night on the south shore of LI. Personally saw about 8 fish in the 32-43# range (scale). 4-5' breakers and overcast with thunder. Problem is, my equipment can't take it. I'm using (don't laugh, it's my first yr of surf fishing and I'm no Donald Trump) a 2pc. 10' sealine-X ($25 used) rated 3-6oz, 15-30#. I was using 40# mono leader, 7/0 gami oct, and 6 oz lead (yes, we were chunking).

The local sharpies were using custom 11 or 12' lamis, throwing 8oz, 80# PP w/100# leaders on 9/0 hooks using chunks about the size of heads. I'm guessing their rods are rated somewhere in the 4-16oz range.

Bottom line, is there anything I can buy under $100 that'll throw that kind of weight? New or used? Thanks for any replies.
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I'm partial to Ocean Master, (Optimus 11" surf rod 5 - 10 oz) and a Penn 6500ss. Do a lot of surf fishing but have found the butt end a bit long for pier/bridge work (and probably boat).
try models or sports authority you should find something for a good price
Just remember for safety reasons your schock leader needs to teste 10 pounds for every ounce you throw. In other words with a 6 ounce weight you need 60 pound schocker, 40 pound with 4 ounces etc. This will prevent breakoffs and keep you from endangering yourself or others on the beach.
Tight lines and popped riggers

Addict for my money I would look at the Tica fishing rod. I have the 12' conventional, but they also have it in the spinning rod. It is around $100 or very close to it. it is rated 4 to 10 oz, and my experience with it leaves me with no doubt of it's ability to do so...good luck...salt
Plankmaster, if I may respectfully disagree. When surfing off Assateague Island, it's pretty musch 15 lb test for main line and 30 lb test for shock leader. Routinely cast 6 - 10 ounces of lead no problem.

Usually, in my opinion the shock leadder is twice the main line in test.

Casting in the surf on a windy day with any kind of current, at 10 ounce weight, would mean 100 pound shock, and much to heavey for heaving over the breakers into the wind. Plus, the diameter would also cause the current to take the line with it.

Usually use two rod lengths of shock leader (30 lb to 40 lb) attached to 15 pound main. Have brought in anything from the smallest skate, blues to 25", stripers to 32" to a cow nose ray (wing span about four foot) to sharks three and a half to four and a half foot.

Haven't snapped a line yet from the surf with this set-up.

As I said, respectfully and just my opinion.
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what type of fish where they? And to get past the breakers. just use a shock. Put 12 lb test then 25-50 ft of 50 lb test. And on the big ones just loosen the drag up and pump them in. Hopefully they will still be there when im there.
I use a #80 shock leader and I don't have any problems with current and such. I can also absolutely launch 8 and bait with it too. The shocker is also bimini knotted about 5-6 ft above the swivel for a little extra strength.
Thanks for all the replies. I'll be looking at all the options presented. Hope the wife understands. :rolleyes:
Like Saltshaker, I have a blast throwing my 12' Tica! Just returned from OBX and had a blast launching 4 to 6 oz weights on plain old two hook bottom rigs going after "whatevers" bitin beyond the breakers! It is hilarious watching some people's reaction to some decent long casting! Getting all the practice I can with that Tica! SSwweeeeet! On sale at www.digataldagger.com for $86.00! Good luck! PS A good reel goes a long way to adding distance to your casts!

Hmmmm,agree with Shaggy all the way.. OM rod thru Bass Pro,is a great rod for the money,have thrown one,it CAN CAST(not lob) up to 10 and bait no problem.. It ain't a custom,by no means,but for the money is a good rod,and is really under rated.. The Tica's sweet spot is 6 & bait,the OM is 8 & bait +... As far as shock I've used 50 for the last 20plus yr,used to use 60.. I use 20 running line,no problems with breakoffs yet,but I DO CHECK my shocker frequently.... ;)
There are some good 20 lb with small diameter lines available,that will hang in the current....
PS You asked for "opinions",now ya got a few......
That OM sounds/looks VERY interesting. I might have to pass on the Tica/Tsunami for this. Thanks again.
Tica has some nice onesfor cheap;the Oceanmasters(aint bad if your using conventionals).I just baught the same Oceanmaster Sandcrab has 12' 6-12oz lead rigged w/ a Abu 7000 rigged with 50/12 Power Pro.I recently tried it on those Barrier Island Reds in the Eastern Shore of Virgina.It's perfect for 8an bait.The heaviest Tica spinner is good too for that
Use a Penn 6500SS on my 11' OM, rated 5 - 10, but seems 8nbait (cut bunker) is the max for easy casting. Still think $ for $ I'll stay with the OM )though I haven't tried Tica, and am biased).

As for Tsunami, I think they'll have to prove themselves in surf and sand before they will gain much popularity with ol'timers.

Again just my opinion.

I'm leaning towards the OM. When I went to the BPS website though, I only found a 12' conventional rod that's in the lure wt range I want; 6-12oz.

OM Surf Rod

My question: I am 5'6" and the thought of holding a 12 footer all night has me a bit irked. What do you OM owners think about cutting the tip down about a foot or so? What's the action like now and what do you think it'll be if I do cut it down? Bottom line, is it something I can get away with or is cutting the tip down just a BAD idea?

Thanks again for all the help.
Personally, myself I'm 5'6" and about 125 pounds. No problem with 11" and 8nbait.

Are you surf fishing or pier, bridge boat?

Pier, bridge or boat 8' - 9 ' would be the max. If surfin', then most of the time is spent in sand spike waiting and a wishin'.

Check out Pro Bass Shop(?). Have one in Arundel Mills mall sown here, good stuff at good prices. Also, you may want ot check out WalMart,KMart, for combos at decent prices. Fashion is one thing, but if it functions for less why (K)not?

It ain't just about the fishin'!
Shaggy, I guess you and I both need to fish more and spend less time on the pc! :D

Seriously though, this rod will be for surf fishing the south shore of Long Island, NY. It's actually for a select few spots that I fish. I usually fish these spots ONLY when it's nasty out. It's not unusal for breakers 4-6' and windy conditions. Even when I chunk in these spots, I am holding my rod 90% of the nght due to the breakers. I only spike it when I'm really tired and need a break or when the action is dead.

Having said that, I know of some guys who are our height and they seem to prefer a slightly shorter rod (10-11'). The rod I posted the link for is a 12 footer and this is about a foot too long according to some. That's why I asked. I've considered the X-mart rods but I feel with a few extra bucks, I should be able to get a decent rod I can enjoy at least for a year or two.

So in conclusion, what do you think the rod will be like if I do chop 12" off the tip?
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I'm with you, 11' as of now is my limit. Try finding a 4' or so sand spike (usually metal, or tripod) unless of course it is rock jetties where you fish, which will keep the line up above a majority of the breakers.

Out at Assateague fall can be nasty. Cold wet and if a nor'easter be blowin, you don't want to be standing there holding the rod wishing, waiting and or hoping. Sometimes the Jeep is just the place to be (there's no place like home) to get out of the elements. And, we call it FUN!
Shaggy - I made up some spikes using an 1.5" pvc with a metal piece that extends. When it's assembled (using a radiator hose clamp) it is high enough to avoid the breakers. I hold the rod not only to avoid the breakers but for feeling the hits better. Maybe it's different where you are fishing, but most of us (in those spots) are holding our rods. These are spots that can produce trophy bass and we don't take any chances of missing fish. Is your OM rod rated for 6-12oz? I didn't see an 11' convench version on the bps website.
Actually, did get out for a couple of hours today about five minutes from my house. One hit, one fish, but it was a 28" striper :cool:

Check out www. basspro.com. They have my 11' rod at $109, but I'm pretty sure I got it for less than $100 at the store.

Use search to the left type in ocean master, and look at surf rods. When I looked, I got an itch to buy another 10' rod, but my wife would kill me!
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