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Probably just me, but got to see something I haven't seen in NC waters yet. Went up to Ft. Macon with my oldest daughter today to see what we could see. The jetty was getting blasted by washer style breakers with rogue rollers mixed in, and after taking one over my shoulders and one to the chest, I decided it wasn't safe enough to try to stick it out, so we headed over to the inlet side to see what we could find, hoping for Alyssa's favorite winter fish, the spiney dogs.

We set up two rods first, one with shrimp, and the surf rod with cut bluefish. Lady crabs are working over the shrimp pretty good, but Alyssa did manage to pull a nice puffer out. As the tide changed over, the doggies started showing up, first the small smoothies up to about 20". Then Alyssa's Christmas wish, we started hooking up with spineys from 8-12lbs. Not as strong as a bite there as we've seen in the past, and oddly not a single clearnose mixed in.

But about 3/4 way through our day, the 10' rod gets hit and I hand it off to Alyssa, then the lite action rod that's closer in goes over. I grab the lite rod and can tell it's a nice dogey right off the bat, but whatever Alyssa's dragging in fast is fighting different. She get's it into the was and it's about a 30" conger eel!!! I know this is technically in there range, but I thought they prefered colder, deeper waters, with lots and lots of rocks available. Are any big congers caught around here? I know that up north they catch them up to 7' and 20+ pounds, which is about max for the N.A. species. Has anyone around here managed a big one, or was it as much of an odd catch as I'm thinking it is?
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