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Braved the conditions on 9-5 and 9-6 AM @ the Chesapeake Beach honey hole.

NNW winds gusting up to 20 mph made lite tackle almost a joke.Chest to head waves crashing while anke deep in the surf made sense to use the 11 and 12 footers.

Used 6 oz tongue weights to barely get 75 yards out.Fisg finder rigs with size 4/0 circle hooks baited with premium large squid and freshly brined blue fish steaks were the bait of choice.

Hooked up to 4 nice croakers(my biggest of the year)On Suday morning.All nearing citaion weight(3lbs)Did weigh 1 @ Ocean east2,but missed it by 1/4 oz.Man wish I did't wash all that sand off him:D .

All in all not too shabby for the conditions dealt.Really wanted to practice catchin some stripers but he did not want to co operate.

Only fished the early am for 4 hours.With all that head wind I am blessed I did not have any blow ups with the SLH30 and the 525MAG.
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