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Nags Head 6/3-6/10

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Hi all. Have gotten a TON of great advice and suggestions on gear, baits, lures etc. for our upcoming Nags Head trip. All is MUCH appreciated!!

Now that I've got all my gear pretty much squared away I had a few specific questions I'm hoping you guys could help with. FWIW we are staying at mile post 14.5 (Admirals View) and will be there from 6/3/-6/10.

How is the fishing in that general area? Will be fishing with my 6 year old son and not planning on walking far to fish. Preferably we fish all week right in front of the condo. If there is public beach access that's worth a short drive, I'd be all for it.

Jennette's Pier - It's close by. Should we give this a shot one day? If so, what should we use here? Bait or lures? We'll be using Penn Pursuit IV, 4000 size reel, 15# mono with double drop bottom rigs (hi-lo/pompano rig) and jig heads w/soft plastics for fishing the surf. Not sure if those setups work just as well off the pier?

Time of day/tide to fish - What do you guys prefer to fish in terms of times of day and/or tide? It seems to vary from person to person, but a lot seem to like an incoming tide versus an outgoing tide. If we have all day to fish, when should we be fishing?

5 gallon bucket - Using this as a tackle box. I see some guys drill the bottom 1/3 or so full of holes. Is this to make it easier to rinse everything off after fishing? Don't plan on bringing a ton to the beach each day but enough to keep us fishing. Pre-tied hi-lo and fish finder rigs in individual baggies, pliers, scissors, fish grip, small knife and cutting board, few bags of soft plastics and fish bites and a small plano box or 2 for terminal tackle and jigs. Anything glaring I'm missing here?

Cleaning - How do you guys keep things from rusting? I'm planning on an easy rinse with fresh water, dry and then a wipe down with WD-40. The WD-40 will be for rods, reels and tools. Just a rinse will suffice for lures and other tackle, correct?

Rod Holders - I'm taking 3 PVC rod holders. These to be exact Sand Flea Surf Fishing Rod Holder. Surf Spike Made From Impact - Etsy I should be able to get these in the sand without any tools, right? Or should I bring along a rubber mallet and a block of wood?

REALLY looking forward to fishing the surf for the first time!! Hopefully we have some luck.
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